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AquaPlumb Sensor Wires

Standard replacement sensor wire for the AquaPlumb® comes in two lengths 1 meter, and 3 meter. Please note, that this sensor wire ONLY works with AquaPlumb water level control units.

If you need to monitor liquid level of hot fluids, use our high temperature sensor wire for AquaPlumb® water level sensors.

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AquaPlumb Sensor Wire

AquaPlumb® Sensor wire includes: sensor wire and sensor wire clamp.

AquaPlumb® Sensor Wire Pricing and Ordering Info

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AquaPlumb® Sensor Wire
Part Number Description Price Purchase
APLUMB-WIRE1 1 Meter Replacement Sensor Wire for AquaPlumb Buy Now
APLUMB-WIRE3 3 Meter Replacement Sensor Wire for AquaPlumb Buy Now

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • Can I use this sensor wire without a controller board.
    • No, the controller board is where the magic happens.

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