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AquaPlumb - Liquid Level Sensors

The AquaPlumb® series of liquid level sensor measure liquid level in tanks, reservoirs, and in the environment, without any moving parts.

The sensing probe element consists of a special wire cable which is capable of accurately sensing the surface level of nearly any fluid, including water, salt water, and oils.

The sensor element is electrically insulated and isolated from the liquid into which it is inserted, and will not corrode over time.

Unlike, other sensors, the measurement range is adjustable from a few centimeters to over several meters.

The reading is reported back as an analog voltage ranging from 0V to 3V where 0V represents the sensor not beingsubmersed, and 3V represents the maximum water level.

The AquaPlumb water level sensor can be easily calibrated to nearly any range and any fluid in the field with the use of two buttons. One button records the minimum fluid level (0V level), and the the other button records the maximum fluid level (3V level). After being calibrated, the sensor will return a value of 0 to 3 volts linear with the liquid level.

The AquaPlumb water level sensor is compact, low cost, low power, easy to use, and can take an accurate reading in less than a second.

The AquaPlumb has an easy to mount water resistant enclosure. The cable can be made taut with a cable clamp, which can be mounted to the side of a reservoir, to a small weight, or to a stick.

The normal operating mode power is only 1.2 mA, so this system can be loop powered in 4-20mA current loops. During calibration mode the sensor consumes up to 20mA, but this is only used during calibration for the initial setup.

When ordering the AquaPlumb sensors, you can select the length of the power cable in standard 2 meter, 5 meter or 10 meter lengths. The sensing cable comes in the standard lengths of 1 meter and 3 meter lengths. See the ordering table below.

Liquid level or liquid volume of the AquaPlumb can be displayed with our Universal Sensor Display, which is sold separately. For wireless connectivity our VegeHub WiFi garden sensor hub can also seamlessly connect to the AquaPlumb.

AquaPlumb Water Level Measurement

AquaPlumb® Water Level Sensor Measuring Water (Display is not included.)

Water Level Sensor Probe Applications

  • Flood and spill alarms.
  • Rain barrel monitoring.
  • Reservoir monitoring.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Water conservation applications.
  • Mechanical float replacement.
  • Electronic toilets.
  • Aquaponics.
  • Monitoring of Aquariums.
  • Sensor for Internet of Things.

Water Level Sensor Probe Features

  • Output Voltage is proportional to liquid level.
  • No moving parts.
  • Measures large changes in water.
  • Low cost with volume pricing.
  • Not conductivity based.
  • Probe does not corrode over time.
  • Rugged design for long term use.
  • Compact size.
  • Very low power operation.
  • Precise measurement.
  • Works with many different type of fluids.
  • Wide supply voltage range.
  • Water resistant enclosure.
  • Compatible with Arduino.
AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor - Olive Oil

The AquaPlumb Measuring the Level of Olive Oil

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Water Level Sensor Probe Pricing and Ordering Info

We ship factory direct to nearly every country in the world.

Contact us for volume pricing information.

AquaPlumb® with 1 Meter Sensor Wire
Part Number Description Price Purchase
APLUMB1-2M AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor, 1m Sensor, 2m Power Cable $94.95 Buy Now
APLUMB1-5M AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor, 1m Sensor, 5m Power Cable $100.95 Buy Now
APLUMB1-10M AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor, 1m Sensor, 10m Power Cable $110.95 Buy Now
AquaPlumb® with 3 Meter Sensor Wire
APLUMB3-2M AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor, 3m Sensor, 2m Power Cable $100.95 Buy Now
APLUMB3-5M AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor, 3m Sensor, 5m Power Cable $106.95 Buy Now
APLUMB3-10M AquaPlumb Liquid Level Sensor, 3m Sensor, 10m Power Cable $116.95 Buy Now
AquaPlumb Water Level Sensor

AquaPlumb® Kit Includes: sensor wire, sensor wire clamp, controller board, water tight box, and power cable.

Water Level Sensor Probe Specifications


Power consumption (Normal Mode) 1.2 mA
Power consumption (Calibration Mode) 20 mA
Supply Voltage 3.5V to 20 VDC.
Dimensions See drawing below.
Power on to Output Stable 400 ms
Output Impedance 10K ohms
Operational Temperature -40C to 85ºC
Accuracy at 25°C 2%
Output>Output 0 to 3V linear with fluid level.

Water Level Sensor Probe Wiring Table

Bare Ground
Red POWER: 3.5V to 20 VDC.
Black OUT: (0 to 3V linear with fluid level.)

Water Level Sensor Probe Drawing

AquaPlumb Water Level Sensor Drawing

AquaPlumb® Water Level Sensor Enclosure Drawing

Water Level Sensor Clamp

AquaPlumb® Water Level Sensor Clamp Drawing (Dimensions are inches.)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • What is the resolution of thewater level sensor?
    • The output resolution is 3 mV, which corresponds to a length resolution of 0.001 over the calibrated length. For example,if the calibrated length of the sensor wire is 1 meter, the resolution is 1 mm, and if the calibrate length is 3 meters, the resolution is 3 mm.
  • Will the water level sensor measure liquids other than water?
    • Absolutely. In the video you see it working with olive oil - which is a non-polar liquid.
  • What happens to the output of thewater level sensor, if the water is turbulent?
    • You can low pass filter, or a moving average digital filter to smooth out the signal, or merely connect a capacitor to output of the sensor and to the ground of the sensor.
  • Can the water level sensor wire be cut shorter?
    • Yes, but one end must be sealed. You can also just calibrate it for shorter lengths - no is cutting needed.
  • Can the the water level sensor be used with flammable liquids?
    • No. Do not use it with flammable liquids.
  • If different parts of the wire are submerged, rather than just one end what is the response?
    • The response is the total submerged length divided by the calibrated length times 3V. For example: if the sensor wire is calibrated to 1 meter, and the first quarter and last quarter of the sensor are submersed, then the sensor will output 1.5V.
  • If the water moves downward quickly such that the sensor wire still has a film of moisture on it from the previous water level, will this affect the reading?
    • If the sensor wire is slightly wet, above the current water level, yes, it will affect the reading slightly.
  • What comes with the AquaPlumb Kit?
    • It includes: a liquid sensor wire, controller board, power cable, water tight box, sensor wire end clamp.
  • If power is removed from the AquaPlumb are the calibration settings saved?
    • Yes.

How to Get Started with the Water Level Sensor Probe

The best way to get started is to purchase a few low cost water level sensor probes from our webstore and try them out in your application.

AquaPlumb® Manual

How to Calibrate the Water Level Sensor

The AquaPlumb has two calibration buttons. The sensor wire can be calibrated for different liquids, and for different maximum lengths. For example, if you have a 1 meter sensor wire, it can be calibrated so that it's maximum level is at 1 meter, or a fraction of a meter. If the sensor is calibrated to .5 meters this means that it puts out 3V at .5 meters.

The sensor should be re-calibrated when it is moved, or when different liquids are used. To calibrate it use these steps.

  1. Open the case, by removing the 4 corner screws.
  2. Remove the sensor wire and dry it off so that it is completely dry.
  3. Press the upper right button which says "Calibrate Dry". After 2 seconds of pressing down the button, a red LED will turn on. Release the button, and it will blink several times, and turn off. Do not touch the sensor wire while you are calibrating it, as this will affect the accuracy, since it will detect the water in your hands.
  4. Insert the sensor wire into the liquid to the maximum length that you desire. This can be any depth up to the full length of the wire.
  5. Press the bottom right button which says "Calibrate Wet". After 2 seconds of pressing down the button, a red LED will turn on. Release the button, and it will blink several times, and turn off. The sensor element is now fully calibrated.
  6. If your sensor has a relay, to calibrate the relay threshold, insert the sensor wire into the liquid, at the point where you want the relay to turn on. Then press both buttons for two seconds. Both LEDs should turn on, when you release the buttons, the LEDs will blink several times. The relay is now calibrated.
  7. To change the polarity of the relay, either insert or remove the polarity jumper on J1.

AquaPlumb Trouble Shooting

  • Both LEDs are flashing after calibration.
    • This means that there was a mistake durring calibration: that the dry or low water level calibration point, is higher than the wet, or high water level point. This can occur if you've pressed the wrong button, or didn't calibrate in the correct sequence. Just go through the calibration routine again, and this issue should go away. You should also make sure that all of the wires are secure in their respective terminal blocks.
  • A button was pressed, but LED wont light up.
    • The button must be pressed down for 3-4 seconds to light the LED, and begin calibration. A quick press of the button, will not work.

Water Level Sensor Videos

How To Calibrate the AquaPlumb®

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